Internet safety - Images




Do you know, that in everyone of us there is also a visual type of a person? We believe in what we see, feel and perceive. We are attracted to pictures, comercials,  posters, colors, figures,….


People can use all these charasteristics in many ways.

Lets take a look at some of them.


Imagine, that you would like to sell your own product. In past, the only thing you could do would be standing on the street selling it.

What about today?


Today the web commercialist do it differently.


They write a commercial for their product into special systems. These systems insert the commercial on the websites, that are visited by eventual customers.


A customer, who has seen the commercial,  and is interested for a product, just clicks on the commercial. The system diverts him onto a website of a seller , where he can see a complete offer of a products. A customer surely finds something that he likes, so he buys it in a cyber store or he visits the shop itself.


Easy, isnt it?


All this is possible becouse the internet communication. And people use it a lot.


That is a reason, we have to learn more about the things like that, we have to learn not to be naive and led by tricky commercials, which animate curriosity in us with colourful, interesting pictures. They attract us visually and make us visit the websites we maybe dont even want to.


In a project, we are going to discuss about the things like that.

We will do these assignments:

Fulfill the questionare about the strength of the internet pictures.
Find some unbelievable (impossible) pictures on the internet.
Write down a list of an everyday usage of images
Create a poster- comparisson between analog and digital photos
Start a discussion: “ My photo on the internet”